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5 myths about alcohol Kenyans should know about

Common myths about alcohol busted.

Here are five myths about alcohol everyone believes to be true.

1.You can’t cure a hangover by drinking some more

Kutoa lock is just another excuse to drink a bit more. It does not reduce your hangover but rather prolong your hangover.


So when you eventually stop drinking, the hangover will come back as it should have in the first place.

2.Only lightweights black out

If someone tends to get drunk quickly then they are usually believed to be lightweights.

The quicker someone gets drunk the faster they will black out. It doesn’t matter whether they are lightweights or not.

3.Eating before drinking will keep you sober


Eating before drinking only slows down the alcohol from being absorbed into the bloodstream faster but it does not help you stay sober.

It does however reduce your chances of having a bad hangover.

4.Drinking alcohol kills your brain cells

5.Drinking alcohol in a certain order will make you more sober


Drinking beer then switching to drinking hard liquor after some time does not keep you sober.

Alcohol is alcohol and it will have the same effect on a person that drinks it in excess.


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