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Creative uses of eggshells you should know

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Who thought eggshells would be useful? I mean, don’t we always put them in the trash can as soon we get the inner content?

But there is more you can do with the eggshells than just throwing them away. Really, they are not completely useless. You can benefit from eating the insides and do some creative things with the shells. We have given you a list of a few things you could do with the eggshells:

1. Feed the chicken


The shells are rich in calcium and some people believe that humans can also eat them. While you may not want to eat them, you can feed them to your chicken. You just need to dry them, crash them then feed your kukus.

2. Cleaning your pans

If you ever run out of steel wool, you don’t have to worry if you have eggshells. After beating the eggs, you can always preserve the shells for a bad day. Crashed eggshells will give your pans and pots the shining they deserve.

3. Seedlings containers


They make beautiful containers which lighten up your home. If you are short of containers, you can also plant seeds on the eggshells and transplant them later.

4. Make a face mask

Clean the shells first, then crash the thoroughly until they form a powder. Then mix them with egg whites and apply on your face. Leave the mask to dry before cleaning your face and moisturizing.

5. Décor


If you are good with decorations, then you can creatively make use of eggshells to glow up your indoor space.

6. Keep snails away

If snails and slugs keep on invading your home, scatter some eggshells around your house or garden. They can’t stand the sharp edges and will thus run away.


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