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3 great detox juices recipes that help cleanse the body

Cleanse your body with detox juices.

One common way of detoxing is through juicing.

By blending different vegetables and fruits together, one can create the perfect juice to help cleanse the body.

It may sound a bit nasty to think of drinking raw vegetables but that is where the fruits come to play.


They give the juices a better taste so that you don’t have to gag everything out with the first sip.

There are a couple of juicing recipes that you can definitely try at home with as few as three ingredients but it is important to note that they can cause weight loss so check in with your nutritionist first before embarking on your detox journey.

Check the vegetables and fruits combinations you can try to make your detox juice.

Pineapple, carrots, apples and celery


Celery, cucumbers and green apples

Beet root, carrots, ginger and celery

Remember that a detox will only be effective with an all-round change in diet. You can’t go juicing in the morning and then turn around and have burgers and fries for lunch. Create a balance between the two in order to achieve maximum results.


That is why I repeat that it is important to seek a professional to help you prepare a good meal plan for you.

Happy juicing.


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