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Why you need to start drinking cabbage juice if you have ulcers

Here’s the truth

Cabbage(Jesmond Fruit Barn)

Stomach ulcers are quite a common medical issue. It has been said that cabbage really does a great job when it comes to managing ulcers. But how true is it?

Before you try any natural remedies, it’s only best to find out the truth since not all remedies do the magic they are said to.

First, it’s important to know that ulcers can affect various parts of the body like the mouth, genitals and the inside lining of the stomach, oesophagus or the small intestine. The latter are the most common ones.

The rapid ulcers healing properties of cabbage juice


Several studies have found that cabbage can really help in the management of ulcers. In one study, seven patients with duodenal ulcers, five with gastric ulcers and one with gastrojejunal ulcers were observed for a period of four months.

During this period, the patients were supposed to take a liter of cabbage juice every day.

Before and after treatment, an x-ray examination was performed. After the four months experiment, it was found that among 11 of the 13 patients, the ulcer sores had disappeared within a period of six to nine days! In the other two patients, one took 13 days to heal while the other one took 23 days.


Cabbage nutrients

Another study found that cabbage juice healed ulcers within fifteen days. According to this study, this is a shorter period as compared to the standard drug that takes around 28 days.

H.pylori infections are the major cause of stomach ulcers. Cabbage contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps in preventing these infections. It’s also said to contain other anti-ulcers compounds.

How to make cabbage juice


To make your fresh cabbage juice, all you have to do is clean the cabbage and cut it into small pieces. Then put the pieces in a blender and blend for a few seconds. You could also add other vegetables such as celery and carrots since they are healthy for your digestive system and also enhance the taste.

Drink your cabbage juice fresh.


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