5 ways to drink alcohol without gaining weight

We would all like to down as many drinks as we want without having to worry about the amount of calories that are going into our bodies.

Lucky for you, there are a few tricks that you can use to make sure that your still in check with your calories intake as well as enjoy your favorite drink.

So the next time that your colleagues want to go out for drinks after work, don’t turn them down. Try this out instead:

1.Choose the most appealing drink

If you really want to have that cosmopolitan or long island then go ahead and have it.

You do not want to be in a situation where you are stuck with a drink that you do not really like simply because you are trying to cut down on the calories.

This helps you to be satisfied with your drink and prevents you from having other drinks in order to try compensate for the bad one that you just had.

2.Stick to one drink or two at most in one night

In drinking that cosmopolitan or long island however, stick to drinking either one of those or two at most.

Having more than two drinks in one night makes it hard for your body to process the calories from the alcohol consumed before it can continue to break down food calories or stored fats.

So you are basically just stacking up on the calories.

On top of that, the sugar in those drinks makes you very hungry and you end up buying that greasy chicken that you had promised yourself not to buy.

3.Avoid eating foods that have a lot of calories when you are drinking

Greasy foods and foods that contain a lot of calories should be avoided at all costs when you drink.

4.Try ordering before you start drinking to help you keep track of what you are consuming.

Another common but very important thing to do is to make sure that you eat before going out preferably something with fiber, protein and a healthy fat to help you control your blood sugar throughout the night.

5.Identify the drinks that make you hungrier

Research and find out what drinks leave you feeling ravenous right after you take them. Avoid those drinks when you drink.

Also make sure to drink some water in between drinks.


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