7 common foods that can give you food poisoning

Be vigilant when eating these foods.

On the brighter side however, Healthine.com helped to identify the high-risk foods that are more likely to cause food poisoning.

With the occurrence of diseases such as cholera being rampant at the moment, it is important to be vigilant with the foods we consume and in particular the seven listed below.


Eggs are nutritious foods but when consumed raw or undercooked, they can serve as a source of food poisoning.

Eggs carry the salmonella bacteria which is the harmful bacteria that causes food poisoning.


Fish that is not stored well under the right temperature can lead to the production of a toxin known as histamine from bacteria in fish.

This toxin is reportedly not easily destroyed through normal cooking thus causing food poisoning.

3.Rotisserie chicken

Cold rotisserie chicken tends to allow a conducive environment for the growth of harmful bacteria.


More specifically, the beef in the burger.

5.Leafy greens

Considering that a good number of leafy greens are eaten raw, such as in the case of salads, it is vital to ensure that they are properly washed before consumption.

6.Left over rice

Leaving rice sitting out under room temperature right after you cook it makes the spores grow into food poisoning causing bacteria.

7.Deli meats

Ham, bacon, salamis and hot dogs can also cause food poisoning.

Deli meats are more likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria such as Listeria and Staphylococcus during processing and manufacturing.


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