It’s proven that these foods will help you lose weight

Struggling with weight? Try these foods

Weight loss(Africa's Healthy Choices)

Have you been trying to lose some pounds but it doesn’t seem to be working? One of the best ways to lose them is ensuring you eat the right foods.

Although working out really does a great job in weight loss, research has it that certain foods enhance the process. So, you will have to introduce some foods that you maybe never used to eat often and drop some that are likely to sabotage your weight loss journey.

Since efforts to lose poses tremendous challenges, everyone should try as much as possible to manage their weight. This means reducing the consumption of some foods that are known to increase weight such as potato chips and sugar-sweetened beverages.

The foods listed below are scientifically proven to aid in the weight loss process:


When you think of the weight loss diet, you may only think of all the foods that are not so pleasing. But that isn’t the case. Some foods that we love such as yogurt have been found to help in weight loss. One study that involved three different cohorts found that there was little weight gain among people who increased their consumption of yogurt.


Nuts are loaded with fats, but mostly the good ones. As you might already know, not all fats are bad. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are found in nuts and they promote the overall health of your body. Some nuts, however, contain saturated fats that raise the cholesterol levels in your body. Studies show that including nuts in a weight loss diet makes it more efficient and it also improves the quality of the diet since they are loaded with many other nutrients apart from the healthy fats.

In one study, participants who included almonds in their diet had reduced body weight, BMI, waist circumference, and fat mass at the end of a 24-week period.

Nuts such as peanuts, chestnuts, and almonds are known to have high satiety properties hence suppressing one’s hunger.


See? I told you a weight loss diet doesn’t have to be boring. Some good news for all the avocado lovers trying to lose weight! If you had stopped eating them or are afraid that they will make you gain more weight, worry no more.

In a study where carbohydrates in a meal were replaced by half an avocado or a whole one, it was found that it helped increase satiety. People who added avocado to their meals reported feeling more full hence helping in hunger suppression.

Another study also found that the risk of becoming overweight or obese was lower among avocado consumers as compared to those who did not eat avocado.


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