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9 affordable food options when you're super broke

Have you started feeling the Njaanuary pinch or nah?

Kenya's githeri man holding his githeri (Courtesy)

Don’t worry, Njaanuary affects all of us. If you do not want to suffer in January, the best thing you can do is stock up on food before the Dec festivities. The non-perishables of course. Not many of us think ahead, we all want to enjoy the holidays and think to ourselves “Ah, January kitaeleweka”. So, folks, here we are, in January, kinaeleweka sasa sindio? If you’re like me with only a beer and milk in the fridge, tuko pamoja *insert Uhuru’s voice*. All hope is not lost though, as there are affordable food options for those days when you’re broke.

1. Noodles.

But, but, we have to give credit to the brains behind Indomie. Those things are not only yummy but also cheap A.F and, let’s be honest, they’re fairly filling. The good thing with noodles is that you don’t even need gas to make them, if you don’t have money for that. Simply boil water (with an electric kettle) then submerge them in hot water for about 7 minutes and they’ll be good to go. You can also make a sauce with tomatoes, capsicum, carrots etc, and mix that sauce with the noodles. A meal under 50 bob, how bou dah!


2. Eggs.

Eggs are another option. Make yourself an omlette and have it with ugali or bread on that day you’re super broke. Three eggs, a loaf of bread, an onion and a tomato are all less than 150/-

3. Bread.

You can take bread with milk or tea, make sandwiches, by making bread with brawn which is quite affordable, or, have bread with eggs. Good thing about sandwiches is not only are they filling, but you can also carry them for lunch at work and save a coin or two!

4. Ugali.


But of course, Ugali had to be in this list. If you can’t afford a pack of unga, there’s always the unga from the miller’s which is cheaper. You can have a bunch of kale or spinach for like 30 shillings and make yourself ugali sukuma wiki or have the ugali with eggs.

5. Matoke.

This is another very affordable option. You can get 4 big bananas at 20-30/- depending on where you live and all you have to do is fry the bananas and enjoy a scrumptious healthy meal.

6. Chapati and tea.


A chapo from a Kibanda will cost you at max 20/-. Buy one and have it with tea. You could also buy some vegetables such as Ndegu and boil them at home then make a stew to eat with the chapo.

7. Vegetables.

Of course, you have to sacrifice on eating meat till your pockets get fuller. Opt for vegetables such as kale, cabbage, ndengu, beans, njahi etc, and eat with rice or ugali or even plain (njahi for example or beans can be eaten plain...if you know you know). There are affordable rice options that you can buy from the supermarket.

8. Githeri.


You know that already cooked githeri that mama mbogas sell? It’s not more than 40/- well, depending on the estate and amount of githeri you want. You can then go home and fry it.

9. Ripe bananas.

There’s a reason why you see hawkers selling ripe bananas in traffic. Many Nairobians eat a banana for lunch. It will only cost you about 10/- and you can have 2 or 3 for lunch. Bananas give you instant energy and they’re also quite filling. Have that for lunch then make yourself something for dinner.


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