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Great things that happen to your body when you eat mangoes

Knock knock! It's mangoes season


We have all been waiting for it and yes, mangoes are back in the market and it’s time to feast. While still at feasting, why not check out how we benefit from eating the king of fruits?

Here are a few health benefits of mangoes:


1. Overall health

Mangoes are not just referred to as the king of fruits for nothing. They are rich in Vitamins and nutrients that are good for your overall health. The numerous proteins in mangoes keep away so many diseases and infections.

2. Eye health

Eating mangoes regularly is good for the health of your eyes. They are rich in Vitamin A which promotes a good eyesight and also prevents eyes diseases such as macular degeneration.

3. Gaining weight


So much is said on how to lose weight. But there are also people who badly want to add weight. If you are one of them, eat plenty of mangoes. They contain high levels of calories and starch which is converted into sugars promoting weight gain.

4. No digestion problems

Mangoes are rich in fiber which is known to aid in digestion and prevent constipation thanks to the enzyme pectin contained in mangoes.

5. Iron

Iron prevents anemia and mangoes are thus good for people suffering from anemia. Besides that, they are good for pregnant women since they need plenty of iron to help with healthy development of the fetus.


6. You will have a flawless skin

Mango is just one of the fruits that will help you get a great skin. Adding them to your diet gives your face a glow, opens up the clogged pores and also aid in the getting rid of acne.

7. You retain a youthful skin

Some foods speed up your aging. But others like mangoes slow the process. Mangoes contain Vitamin A and C which enhance the production of collagen proteins. Collagen protects the body’s connective tissues and blood vessels hence slowing the aging process.


8. Immune system

Mangoes contain generous amounts of Vitamin A and C and many other carotenoids that keep your immune system strong.


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