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6 foods that make you look older

Here are foods you eat that make you look way older than you are.

Energy drinks

Everyone knows that energy drinks are not that great and this is because they contain acids and other ingredients that strip your teeth of enamel thus exposing them to decaying and stains.

Processed foods


Bacon, sausages and ham are to be avoided if you want to maintain your youthfulness. The preservatives and sulfides in these processed foods are pro inflammatory which basically means that it can speed up your aging process.


Excess sugar in your body mixes with proteins to create compounds which can end up damaging the collagen in your skin which can greatly age you.

Sugar can also stick to your teeth thus staining them.



Alcohol affects the functioning of the liver which is responsible for getting rid of toxins in the bloodstream.

Failure to do so will lead to skin issues such as wrinkles and acne.

In addition to that alcohol causes dehydration which can make you look older.

Caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee are notorious for causing dehydration through getting rid of necessary fluids in your body.


Dehydration can greatly damage your skin making you look older.

Red meat

Avoid eating too much red meat as it can also make you look older.


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