7 ways to warm chapatis without them getting hard

Microwaving chapos without them getting crispy can be an extreme sport!

Kenya food, chapati (African Food Recipes)

Every time I see how much screen time I spend on my phone, I’m a little bit mortified at how less proactive I am, day in day out…on the flip side, thanks to spending so much time on social media, I get to learn about many things through social media. Case in point, yesterday I was casually scrolling through my Twitter TL (Time Line for those of you who aren’t woke) and I saw a tweep (Twitter user) asking how to warm chapatis without them getting crispy and hard.

Obviously, I stopped to check the comments because well, that’s something I wanted to know too. Every damn time I warm a chapo, I want it warm enough, but not crispy. It’s almost like, like...rocket science. As per the comments on the tweet, clearly, I and maybe a few other people who clicked the link to this article are the ones who had no clue seeing as people have a few tricks up their sleeves on how to solve this complique African problemo. Been wondering how to warm your shafashi? Here are some tricks. Try them out and see what works, okay?

1. Put a moist/ slightly damp napkin/ serviette on the bottom and top of your chapo and warm for a few seconds - @PamyB_

2. Put a cup of water alongside the chapati when warming it - @_misplacedhuman

3. Put it in a ziplock bag before warming it - @SyataLinda

4. Use the defrost option - @thesidneyjason

5. Put on a plate and cover it with another plate...glass plates though not melamine and not plastic - @MissStisha

6. Pour a bit of water over the chapati then heat - @kedosweet

7. Warm with a pan instead of microwave -@rialeallen


I once saw my relative put a chapo in a tight nylon bag (ziplock bag is better for safety in case it gets a hole lol) then submerge in hot water for a few minutes.

Apparently, the above methods also work for warming pizza slices.

So, which one have you tried before?


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