Popular liquor brand removed from market after worrying discovery

The brand in question is said to contain double the amount of alcoholic content

The drink is said to have double the amount of alcoholic content.

So what happens when your favourite gin is doubled in liquor content?

Yup, liqour authorities have recalled Bombay Sapphire, a brand of Gin under the Barcadi Family for having almost double the amount of liquor.

The gin that is listed to have 40% alcohol content was found to have bottles that were not properly diluted with 77% alcohol by a Liquor Control Board in Ontario.

The control board says that not all products have been affected expect those with product code L16304 on the bottle.

According to CBC news, the products distributor Barcadi says in a press release that they do not recommend the consumption of the product, however, an authoritative Food Inspection Agency indicated that there were no reported illnesses associated with its consumption.

Dr Jessie Wachera says that some of the effects associated with drinking high proof liquor include liver disease, kidney failure, cancer, nervous disorders and psychological disturbances.

CBC news in their article states that the bottles were recalled but some have already been bought. Customers have been asked to take back the bottle and ask for a refund.


Barcadi, which is known for its rum and other brands such as Grey Goose Vodka and Dewar’s Whisky, believes this is an isolated case only being experienced in Canada.

Someone needs to make the same mistake in Kenya.


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