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How about a Beef Burger? Easy home recipe for juicy burgers

The beauty of homemade is you can put just what you like

Recipe with a Pulselive Twist: Homemade Beef Burger, plus patty from scratch recipe

One of the best blessings of Corona quarantine has been the number of people who have taken to cooking as a safe hobby for the season.

But it doesn't all have to end with quarantine, Pulselive is here to give you some recipes that will drastically reduce your take-out budget and we're starting off with the amazing Beef Burger!

After getting the buns and cheese from your local supermarket, the rest can be done from scratch, at a very affordable price.


The Pulselive Twist to a juicy beef burger patty

What makes a burger juicy? And the secret is simply ice-cold water. Add a few tablespoons of the ice-cold water to your patty mixture and you will have a very juicy burger to bite into!

Well, the other secret is simply condiments. We suggest tomato sauce or ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard to make that bite well worth it!



500g minced Beef

2 cups Bread crumbs

2 Eggs


Tomato (sliced)

Cucumber slices


1 tablespoon Mixed Herbs

1 bunch Cilantro/Dania (chopped)


Burger buns

Onion rings

Cheddar cheese (sliced)

Some cooking oil for frying


Chillies (optional)



  • In a large bowl mix the minced meat, bread crumbs, chopped dania, mixed herbs, salt, chilies and eggs.
  • Mix lightly just to allow all the ingredients to combine, be careful not to overwork the meat.
  • When ingredients have combined, use a serving spoon to scoop portions of the meat mixture for rolling.
  • With clean hands roll each scoop into a ball, press it down until it is about a centimetre thick and set aside, covered with cling film.
  • In a large pan or on a grill, fry the patties until well cooked.
  • The next step will be assembling the burger. The Pulselive recommended sequence is: bottom bun slice> spread some mayo> lettuce> some tomato sauce> cucumber> onion> tomato slice> beef patty> more mayo> cheese slice> onion> top bun slice with some tomato sauce.
  • Remember, with the homemade burger, you get to put more of what you like so go crazy...invent your own kind of burger!


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