The new drink in town Kenyans can’t get enough of

It's been coined the "turn up before the turn up" so you know it's good.

Any excuse to get out and unwind is usually welcomed with open arms – have you seen how many events pop up during public holidays?

Give Kenyans a location, time and a constant supply of drinks and you’ll experience a party like never before.

Speaking of drinks, there’s a certain one that is creating a lot of buzz in these streets.

It’s none other than the Smirnoff Ice Green Apple.

If you haven’t heard about it, you may have come across a photo of it somewhere on your social media timeline – yeah, it’s that green black ice looking bottle you’ve seen Pascal Tokodi with.

The crisp ready to drink beverage was recently launched in Kenya as part of the fifth variant of Smirnoff Ice. It follows its predecessors; Smirnoff Black Ice, Smirnoff Red Ice, Smirnoff Ice Guarana and Smirnoff Ice Ginseng.

And yes, it is very affordable. It retails for only Ksh. 130.

Difference from its predecessors

The Smirnoff Ice Green Apple provides a different taste from its predecessors seeing that it is made of green apples; giving the drink a sweet and sour taste that is bound to intrigue the taste buds of consumers.

For those that have ever had an apple flavored alcoholic drink, then you know this drink is a definite must try.

I mean the drink was described as one that “embodies the quintessential boldness of Smirnoff fans who have traditionally celebrated occasions doing something that is a cut above the ordinary” by Kenya Breweries Limited’s (KBL) Marketing and Innovations Director Stephen O’Kelly.

With a description like that, are you really going to pass off an opportunity to try this drink? Fight the FOMO and join the bandwagon. Get yourself  a Smirnoff Ice Green Apple and allow yourself to taste every moment.


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