10 things to do for your pregnant wife

Here's ten things you should do for your pregnant wife.

1. Read on pregnancies

Don't stop at just this article. Pregnancy is an experience for both moms and dads. Knowing what to expect and how to handle your lady when she's heavy with child makes it easier for her to focus on keeping healthy and taking care of the baby.

2. Feed her

True to it's meaning, she is eating for two. Want a giant baby? Find out what your girl is craving and get it for her. Fill the house with healthy snacks and fruits for her to munch on when you are not around.

3. Pamper her

Shower her with gifts and take her out on lazy dates just show her that you recognize that the extra pounds she is carrying are special.

4. Talk to her

Let her tell you about what she is going through both pysically and emotionally. Pregnancy is a sensitive time for women and their emotional balance. Letting her share her experience will keep her headstrong and positive.

5. Protect her

We're talking VVIP treatment. This is the time to put mats on all slippery floors, open doors and do a regular hospital check up just to make sure that your wife and unborn child are safe from any sort of harm.

6.  Make love to her

Contrary to most people's belief, pregnant women are always horny. In fact, a lotof women have confessed to enjoy sex more when they were pregnant. Be gentle but don't hesitate to pleasure your woman.

7. Complement her looks

The extra weight, acne and stretch marks could leave the prettiest of women feeling like orges. Tell your girl just how beautiful you think she is. Let her know that you are turned on by her changing body. This should bountifully reduce her stress levels and keep her smiling more.

8. Exercise with her

Keeping her fit and healthy during the pregnancy betters her chances of getting back her sexy body after child birth. It will also reduce the levels of lethargy she experiences.

9.  Plan ahead

Being prepared for the baby's arrival is the best thing you can do for the three of you. Keep money away just incase you need to go in for ceaserian, invest in a baby's room and a nanny before the baby comes. Anything that will make the transission to parenthood easier.

10. Stay faithful

As little a matter as this may seem, women are their most vunerable during this period. A few weeks without sex shouldn't be a problem. Staying faithful and not giving her reason to believe that you are cheating should be on top of your live-by-prinicipals.


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