Why women agree to be second wives

People fail to understand why women may be comfortable with the second wife status


Despite polygamy being seen as a degrading thing especially for educated women, people still fail to understand why self-respecting women can be so comfortable with the second wife status.

A few reasons have come to light as to why women have no issue with being second wives.

1. For the educated woman, her ambitions and career come first therefore she does not have to deal with some of the responsibilities that come with being a first wife such as cooking and cleaning.

They also have the freedom of seeing him a few times in a week which allows her to focus on other things that she wants to do.

They are like the girlfriend on the side but more permanently.

2. They may be desperate for money

There are certain men that seem like an exception for women to accept to become the second wife. They include politicians, famous musicians, basically someone that is able to provide them with everything that they want when they want it.

They want to better their lives and feel like this may be the way out.

3. Some of these women may simply just want a social upgrade.

Most of these women simply want someone that will help boost their social status.

Note that most of the men they get involved with are financially stable which helps them to live their lives the way they have always wanted.

It can be that they might be securing their future.

Whatever the reasons some women choose to be second wives, it is no secret that the traditional ways of marriage are long gone and convenience has become more of the order of the day.


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