7 clever ways to get rid of unwanted erections

Boners can be pretty embarrassing.

Getting rid of unwanted boners

They come when you least expect them and you are probably in a social place. So what do you do to get rid of those unwanted erections fast enough before others notice it? Fret not, it’s easy but you got to master the skills carefully.

Here are clever ways you can use to stop that unwanted boner:

1. Pinch your skin

Once you get that hard on, pinch your skin hard. This way, your mental focus will shift from the arousal to the pain and before you know it, your boy will be calm.

2. Focus on something else

If you were thinking of that sweet moment you had the previous night with your partner, start thinking of something else. Like you can think about an ugly scene that scares you such as an accident.

3. Take a walk

If you were standing, consider moving around. This will allow blood to follow to other parts of the body thus reducing the amount of blood flowing to your loins.

4. Change your position

Your sitting or standing position could be the cause of the boner. Changing your position helps reduce the penis stimulation and is also a good way to conceal it.

5. Pockets

If your pants have pockets, then you are good to go. All you have to do is put your hands in the pocket and try to reposition the erection. Pressing it hard such that it hurts a little bit will also kill the hard on.

6. Cover it

If you have no pockets, you can cover the boner with a book, magazine or jacket. You could also try untucking your shirt so that it covers the boner.

7. Cool it

If you are in a position to, cooling off will stop the boner. Take a cold shower, place something cold on your laps or use wet wipes to cool it.


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