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Warning: Do not eat these on your menses

Hormones play a major role in your menses.

But it doesn't have to be.

A lot of factors come to play at this moment when your body is getting rid of the uterus lining. Hormones are key and research recently done shows that what you eat can really affect your periods.

While you probably know that there are foods you should avoid during this time, chances are you don't because... Well, menses will make you eat an elephant and still ask for dessert.

However, if you want those uncomfortable, painful cramps to ease, especially in this cold weather then there are a few 'munchables' you need to let go of. Read on.


1.Processed Foods

Especially when you don't know the ingredients. As much as it sucks to say this, that bag of crisps will only make things worse. Our bodies are super sensitive at this time and introducing unknown substances into your body is a really bad idea. Your body is already working overtime already, you don't want to walk around with an overly bloated tummy.

2. Carbonated drinks and high salt content food

Some of the hormones that help with menstruation also cause water retention that leads to bloating. Carbonated drinks and eating food with high salt content will heighten these effects and increase your bloating. Also avoid fast foods, canned soups, and bacon.

3. Foods high in fat


No more burgers for you missy. Foods with high fat have a strong influence on your hormones. So while red meat is great for iron (A much-needed mineral during menses) eating fatty meat during your periods can lead to increased cramps, more bloating and acne.

4. Fried foods

Trans-fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil elevate estrogen levels. That marinated chicken you are craving could lead to really bad moods.

5. Dairy products.

According to The Huffington Post, dairy products contain arachidonic acids which are cramp inducing.


6. Refined grains

Yup, that coconut biriani you wanted to make for dinner just doesn't cut it. While whole grains will keep your digestive system on track, white rice, white bread, and other refined grains play a major role in bloating. This type of food can make you feel more irritable and tired than you already are during your period.

7. Caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated beverages increase your heart rate and can lead to anxiety and tension. So while the exhaustion will make you crave a cup of coffee, it can make you twice as exhausted and irritable during your periods.

Tip: Ideally, eating smaller portions of food at more frequent intervals will leave you feeling satiated and reduce the intensity of cramping.


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