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Genuine or peer pressure? Top 12 trends Kenyan ladies can't resist in 2023

From palazzo pants to mom jeans and 'wababaz,' Kenyan ladies in 2023 have elaborated the phrase 'bendera hufuata upepo' with their diverse uniform trends.

12 peer-pressured fashion trends among Kenyan ladies in 2023

In Kenya, as in many parts of the world, fashion trends come and go, influenced by a myriad of factors. One of the most prevalent influences among ladies is peer pressure.

Almost everywhere you go, you'll notice ladies embracing specific fashion items or practices, not necessarily because they genuinely adore them, but rather due to the powerful force of peer pressure.

It's the desire to fit in, to keep up with the latest trends, and to show that they can also rock it!

Here are 12 trends that Kenyan ladies are currently flocking


Mom Jeans have become a fashion craze among Kenyan girls. These jeans typically feature a high waist, straight legs, and a roomy cut around the hips and crotch area.

Originally popular among mothers seeking a comfortable and practical outfit for their daily routines, the trend has now been adopted by women of all ages.

Ladies feel the urge to wear these jeans because their friends or favourite celebrities are flaunting them on social media or in real life.


The desire to achieve that perfect fit, look effortlessly stylish, and follow the crowd is evident when you walk around Nairobi CBD.

The allure of having 'Wababaz' or sponsors is a popular trend among Kenyan ladies. These older, financially stable individuals often provide monetary and material support in exchange for companionship.

If you doubt this, just hop on to social media, especially TikTok, and witness how young Kenyan women proudly showcase their 'Wababaz.' Based on their content, some might get the impression that having a sponsor is considered prestigious!

What's more, they are now unapologetic about acknowledging their sponsors. In fact, they openly state that they are actively seeking one.


Temporary locks, often in faux or braids, are another trend that many Kenyan ladies are adopting.

Social media platforms, where appearance plays a pivotal role, can heighten the pressure to reinvent one's style regularly.

Many well-known celebrities have embraced this style, making it a popular trend that nearly every woman considers when planning their salon visits.


Braces, once primarily associated with orthodontic correction, are now viewed as a fashion statement by many Kenyans.

The desire for perfectly aligned teeth is so strong that ladies feel compelled to get them especially because their friends or celebs have or endorsed them.

The pressure to conform to the beauty standards perpetuated on social media and in their social circles can lead to a rush, sometimes without genuine dental need.


Palazzo pants, with their wide and flowing legs, have taken the Kenyan fashion scene by storm.

Ladies feel the pressure to own a pair because they are touted as chic.

The influence of fashion magazines, influencers, and celebrity culture has driven them to fill their closets with these stylish pants.


The iPhone has long been a status symbol, and owning one has not only been a sign of affluence but also a means of fitting in with the crowd.

The pressure to own an iPhone stems from a desire to be part of the elite, as well as the peer-driven belief that this device is superior to all others.


Knotless braids are a popular hairstyle among Kenyan ladies. These braids are the knot-free version of box braids where the hair is braided using the natural hair first before any braiding hair is added. The roots are normally smooth and flat

According to most of the ladies, knotless helps in hair growth, offers flexibility in styling, and they are weightless and pain-free.

Even seemingly mundane items like bonnets, used to protect hair while sleeping, has become a trending fashion.

The pressure to use bonnets, often seen as a sign of hair care and maintenance, stems from a desire to look the part and fit into a particular image projected by peers.


It's not limited to the bedroom anymore. Women are now wearing it while going to the market, the salon, or simply strolling around, and you can spot it in their social media posts too.

Elaborate nail designs have become an obsession for Kenyan girls, fueled by social media and peer pressure.

The need to flaunt intricate nail art can lead to frequent salon visits and spending to maintain these designs, all to keep up with the ever-evolving trends.


However, this isn't an issue for Kenyan women. They are willing to invest in it. After all, having well-groomed nails is essential, and this is a method to achieve that.

Wearing glasses purely as a fashion statement is another trend-influenced pressure.

Some girls opt for non-prescription glasses to emulate their peers or favorite celebrities, even if they have no visual impairment.


The desire to look intellectual or stylish at work, beach, meetings, or events as seen in their circles, is a powerful motivator.

The monkey bag, known for its unique and whimsical design, has become a fashion statement embraced by many Kenyan girls.

The pressure to sport this accessory arises from the need to stand out and show that they are in tune with the latest trends.


From campus girls to working-class ladies, it's a trend!

Crop tops, known for their midriff-baring style, are yet another trend embraced by many Kenyan girls.

The need to look trendy and fashion-forward can lead to the extensive incorporation of crop tops into girls' wardrobes.


If you've been observant, you've probably noticed that people often pair crop tops with mom jeans, palazzo pants, or body shapers.

Otherwise, mom jeans can be matched with various types of skirts and pants in today's fashion.


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