You will relate to these struggles if you have never watched Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans are so annoying

This is for the underdogs, those in the minorities, those who have never had the chance of watching Game of Thrones. The legendary (or so we hear) show that has a dragon and some chick called, is it Khaleesi or Kalisi, whatever. Urgh! So annoying always having to bear with these GOT fans. If you have never watched Game of Thrones, I’m pretty sure that you can relate to these struggles.

1. Basically, you cannot stand GOT fans…

You log into to Twitter, GOT this GOT that…You go to a party, a GOT game is being played, if not a game, people are talking about it sijui Hodor, sijui Jon Snow and you’re just there lost, soooooo lost! And not just parties, even quiz nights, there just have to be GOT questions, like seriously?

2. Worse still, you go on a date and the person asks you if you watch GOT,

you know, as a conversation starter and when you say no, you can literally feel them judging you a little.

3. You literally cannot relate when GOT fans are excited about new seasons.

You can't help but think to yourself "Surely there are more important things to talk about in this world than a mere series."

4. When a GOT fan uses those GOT logos or catchy phrases like

“You know nothing Jon Snow” “Winter is coming” etc and your only reaction is huh?!

5. You have succumbed to the FOMO and tried watching it or wanted to know the synopsis.

6. But erm, 8 seasons, each with 10 episodes lasting almost one hour each?

Bruh, it’s never that serious. In fact, you wonder where these people get all that time, like are they unemployed or something?

7. When someone sings/hums the soundtrack and you can't help but think oh shut up.

8. Still, you have secretly wished at one point that you were a GOT fan.

9. But you’re happy to be in the minority because you know it’s just a damn TV series and really, it's never that serious, in fact, that show is overrated.


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