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6 secrets to becoming rich in your 20s

Say good bye to poverty

While financial problems are real in the 20s, it’s still possible to overcome them and join the club of the young and rich.

Sounds like some complicated algebra? It really is not. But let’s see how this happens. Shall we?

1. Don’t be lazy


I know it sounds so obvious but ask Jeff Bezos whether all he did was laze around the Internet and miraculously woke up to a successful Amazon. People in their 20s are so choosy even when they do not have a better alternative. Why would you rather watch the movies the whole day than make some money from selling mandazis?

2. Increase your income

If you are only getting a salary of Ksh 10,000, think of how you can make 5, 000 more every month. Get a side hustle that gives you extra income such that even if your boss decided to fire you, you will still not go hungry. Start a small business and work over the weekend. You never know if it’s gonna be the next Google.

3. Save to invest


Most people in their 20s only save money to go for vacations, get a new phone, or move to a bigger house. The dumbest thing you can ever do is investing your money in liabilities that will never earn you a shekel. Always save with an aim to invest in a certain business.

4. Invest in yourself

This is the best decision you will ever make in your life. Always seek to improve your knowledge, get new skills and know what’s happening around you. Read as much as you can, go to seminars and conferences, interact with your mentors, follow great people on social media and listen to podcasts that push you to chase your dreams.

5. Set your goals


One day, a lady who was my boss some years back (She’s now a politician) addressed us in a meeting. She was so disappointed and she just could not understand how we lived without a graph to direct our lives.

It then dawned on me that you have to plan your life and not just move with the wind. Set your goals and come up with the mechanism to achieve them.

6. Spend less than you make

Learn how to spend less than you make so that you can save more. If you begin this habit early, you will never have issues with saving in the future. Spending less than your income also helps you stay away from debts.


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