Overspending during the holidays is nothing knew and it may seem that no matter how many times people try not to spend too much, it always back fires on them.

The trick may however be in the way you spend the money.

Here are 4 ways to financially plan for Christmas and January thereafter

1.Maximize on deals

Christmas deals aren’t the only deals you should be looking out for. The month of January also comes with some pretty cool deals that you should jump on as soon as you get off from your holiday.

2.Do your shopping early

Shop for Christmas early enough to avoid the last minute rush and possibly missing anything to buy because everything has been bought already.

3.Buy in bulk

Speaking of shopping, buy non-perishable foods such as flour, rice or sugar in bulk to help make your transition from vacation easier.


The most logical thing to do to avoid overspending is of course budgeting your money.

Make sure to keep some money aside for post-vacation.