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Good enough reasons to ditch the supermarket for the kiosk

Fungua macho uone mbali

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Most of us like shopping at the supermarket because it’s more convenient. Plus honestly, it comes with some class in as much as we may not want to admit it.

But have you ever considered shopping at your estate kiosk? Probably not. Well, you should probably give it a try for one month or two and see how it goes. Check out some great reasons below as to why you should ditch the supermarket:

1. You will get fresh veggies


Yesterday I saw someone complaining that they had bought stale veggies at a supermarket. The only time you really should get vegetables at the supermarket is when you are shopping late at night. Otherwise, the mama mboga will always have fresh veggies.

2. It’s much cheaper

Let’s face it. Shopping at the kiosk is always much cheaper. Plus you don’t have to pay for transport when you shop nearby.

3. You will never get expired goods


Supermarkets but goods in bulk and sometimes goods overstay until they go stale. Who has never bought bread at the supermarket only to find that it expired two days ago? This is so unlikely with kiosks since they do not overstock.

4. Kadogo economy

You can get a ¼ kg of sugar or 250ml of fresh milk from your estate kiosk. Most supermarkets do not provide goods in such small packages.

5. Goods on credit


So long as you have a good relationship with the shopkeeper, they can let you take goods on credit and pay at the end of every month.

6. It’s easier to channel complaints

Ever tried to return goods at a supermarket because they were substandard? You will be taken rounds until you give up. But when you shop at the kiosk, you know who to address and they will always listen to you because they don’t want to lose you.


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