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Handy skills every girl can learn and save money while quarantining

How are you keeping busy while quarantining?

Skills to learn and save money (Business Insider)

We have so much free time now that people are either working from home and others have closed their jobs all in the effort of preventing coronavirus. Even if you are still going to work, you still end up with a lot of free time since there’s no going out after job or even over the weekend.

Instead of Netflixing the whole day and getting bored, why not make good use of the free time to learn a skill that can earn or save you money? And now that the government said we will be getting free internet, use it to learn through YouTube tutorials.

1. Baking


Now that children are at home, you will probably have to spend more money buying snacks and breakfast. It will save you some money if you take interest and learn how to bake mandazis, mahamris, doughnuts or even samosas.

2. Doing your makeup

If you search ‘makeup for beginners’ online, you will have endless results of videos teaching you how to go about it. If you are really into it, you will learn how to DIY and you could also do it as a weekend side hustle.

3. Knitting


Learn how to knit sweaters, hats and socks for your little ones. It’s always exciting to learn a new skill. You could also make your kids part of it rather than having them play outside all day.

4. Cooking different meals

This is a good time to perfect your cooking skills. Learn a new recipe, improve your art of making chapatis and just have some fun in the kitchen.


5. Make mats

Once you learn and perfect how to make mats, you can be selling them online.

6. DIY hairstyles

This is a very tricky time to go to the salon to have your hair done. Instead of putting your life and that of others at risk by exposing yourself to Corona Virus, learn how to do your hair at home. It’s a long-term money-saving skill that you will never regret.


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