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Things no one prepares you about being an adult

Maisha inakupelekaje?

A man man-crying

Being an adult is a right of passage that no one prepares you for, no, not even your mother. You graduate from uni and life hits you like an afande's slap. In all honesty, I agree with whomever said that growing up is a trap. Here are things no one prepares you about being an adult.

1. That your first job will be shit!

You’ll get paid peanuts, you will probably not learn much from that job, you’ll hate it with a passion and you’ll be there ONLY for the money.


2. You will job hop a lot in your 20s, trying to figure out what your purpose is and trying to figure yourself out.

3. And speaking of figuring yourself out, for most people, you never really end up figuring shit.

You just wing it…hell, everyone’s just winging it. We are all just taking it one day at a time and hoping for the best.


4. Moving out will be hard as hell.

You will miss living at home and eating good food because, the minute you move out, well, you have to get used to eating noodles almost everyday and starting from the bottom - literally.

5. Friends will come and go, it’s part of life.

6. You will go through heartbreaks but you will learn to toughen up with time.


7. You will feel like a failure – seeing your mates succeeding, hitting societal milestones and such.

You will compare yourself with them and you pressure yourself to be something or have your ducks in a row by the time you hit 30.

8. But as you age, your priorities will change.

Buying a car may no longer seem so important to you, nights out may start to mean nothing. You will morphe into a mature adult and you will learn to live life at your own pace.


9. No one tells you that you will see your family very few times.

Sometimes, you may even end up seeing some of your siblings only during the Dec holidays.

10. No one tells you that that sometimes, you will look for help and realize that you only got you.

It’s you against the world, no one owes you anything and that’s the harsh truth.


11. You will be on the brink of depression at one point in your life.

If you find yourself sinking into depression, do anything to get out of that space because once you’re sucked so deep in, getting out will be a task you’re not ready for.

12. No one tells you that hungovers are the devil himself and that Mondays when hungovered are a form of punishment you didn't sign up for.

13. That you will know who your true friends are when you're broke or when life knocks you down.



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