These are the best paying jobs in Kenya

These jobs have the highest salaries ever

The Kenyan dream is to buy a plot of land in an urban place, build a big house and drive a luxurious machine that will leave tongues wagging.

These are the best paying jobs in Kenya that will give you the desired salary to achieve your Kenyan dream.

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1. Medicine

This is one of the most prestigious careers in Kenya because of the high rewards that go with it. It was previously reserved for the bright students owing to the weight of human life involved.

Reports emerged on Thursday that a neuro surgeon in Kenyatta National Hospital had operated on the skull of a wrong patient. The surgeons discovered their mistake more than two hours into the surgery.

It is therefore very vital to have bright brains do the work. As a result an entry level doctor (intern) is paid Sh206,989 including allowances according to a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed mid-last year with the government.

The top earners usually take home about Sh582,954 every month.

2. Accounting, Actuaries and Finance

These are the custodians of the company’s finances. They are among some of the highest paid employees due to the sensitivity of their work.

Despite the fact that the amount depends on companies, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics estimates an average fee of Sh100,000 for financial services.

According to the highest paid financial director takes home more than Sh805,000 per month.

3. Politics

Politics is one of the most coveted jobs in Kenya because of the crazy kinds of returns that come with it. When a person gets a political position say, MCA, MP, Governor, Senator, Deputy President and President, they handle huge sums of taxpayers’ money.

Not only do they receive hefty perks in salaries and allowances but also get to award contracts that involve millions and billions of shillings. The lowest elective position which is Member of County Assembly (MCA) attracts a net salary of Sh165,000. When allowances are factored in, the minimum amount an MCA can take home is Sh400,000.

4. Marketing

It involves those who are trusted with the company’s brand, sales and market share, the growth of the company image can get substantial commissions. According to Business Today, marketers earn as much as their sales can stretch with some in the leading banks and insurance companies enjoying millionaire status.

5. NGO and Civil Societies

Business today says that Non-governmental organizations offer some of the most competitive salaries in the job market.

The salaries can grow to six figures depending on budgets and donor funding.

Data from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics reveals that employees who work for NGOs get a monthly income of Sh194,000 which is one of the highest in both the public and private sector.

6. Information Technology

Companies are burning the midnight oil in order to leverage on the growing technology, which has numerous benefits. As technology develops so are more employment opportunities created.

Business today writes that, “The cream of the profession in Kenya can earn over Sh500,000 a month.” They wrote this referring to IT experts.

7. Lecturers

Though entry level lecturers are not paid as well as they are expected to, a lecturer who has a PhD commands a salary of close to Sh400,000 a month.

However lecturers have gone on several industrial strikes in order to demand for higher pay.

8. Media Presenters

These range from anchors, talk show hosts, comedians and star presenters. Apart from attracting hefty salaries to the tune of Sh550,000 and above, it opens a person to other opportunities such as emceeing for big corporate events.

Others get an opportunity to be brand ambassadors for big companies because of their prestigious status.

9. Engineering

An engineer’s salary is heavily dependent on the firm that he works on. However engineering is a very lucrative career because of the increasing infrastructure in the country.

Oil was recently discovered in Turkana therefore spiking the demand for engineers.

According to, a project engineer can earn an estimated salary of Sh550,000 per month.

10. Pilot/Aviation

Aviation is highly appreciated all over the world as a prestigious career. Training a pilot costs Kenya Airways about Sh8.5 million according to the Wall Street Journal. writes that “The highest paid employee, a captain, earns Ksh 1.5 million per month. This employee is an expatriate who flies the Boeing 777.”

According to, “Other pilots earn an average salary of Sh450,000 but fresh  graduates earn less than Ksh 300,000 but more than Ksh 250,000.”

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