Brilliant ways to save money on social outings

Try some of these tips during your next group outing.

On the flip side though it can also be one of the best ways to save on your hard earned coin.

This was what my colleagues and I opted to do during our trip to Paradise Lost and have to say it worked out pretty well.

Here’s how we went about it.


We all agreed on the amount that everyone was going to contribute which was five hundred shillings per head. Once we were all on the same page on how much everyone was going to remove, we set a deadline for giving out the contributions.

Deadlines are really important especially when planning a group event or anything for that matter. They just make planning easier and more efficient.

Always go for group spending instead of individual spending

If there is a way to narrow down expenses within the group setting then definitely go for it. Whether it’s group packages or how to get certain discounts on things like using paper cups and plates – do it.

It helps to put your mind at ease knowing that your food and drinks is sorted out beforehand instead of having to think about the extra cash you’ll have to spend on the day.

With the money we all contributed, we bought a full goat as well as soft and one or two hard drinks:)

This is also where delegation of roles comes in. One person can’t handle everything and honestly it makes money tracking more manageable.

Depending on whichever role has been delegated, the person knows what they are supposed to do and what their budget is.

Travel as a group

Take it from me and my hectic but fun journey getting to Paradise Lost, I burned some serious fuel trying to get there.

Travelling as a group could seriously cut down on wasting extra money trying to find your way there. From my experience just use Public Transport. It's way cheaper and more fun.


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