Telltale signs you will never be rich in your life

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Signs you will never be rich(iStock)

We all want to be rich someday. Sadly, not all of us will get there. Like seriously, it will only remain to be a dream to some people.

 Why? Because even though time and chance happen to them all, very few know how to seize opportunities. Anyway, if you are wondering whether you will be rich, read on and discover. If you have these signs we have listed below, then you will never know what it is like to be rich:

1. You are living someone else’s dream

Are you pursuing what you love? For you to be rich, you have to be doing something that you really love. That will motivate you to work hard and smart as well.

2. You live above your means

There is no way your salary is 50K and you live in a house where you pay 30K monthly rent. It does not only make not sense but also lowers your chances of ever getting rich. Stick to your lane and don’t stretch too far lest you lose it all.

3. You first spend than save

Start by saving instead then budget for what is left if you want to be rich.

4. You are not investing

The essence of saving is to invest so that you increase your earnings. If you only save and use your savings for fun activities, you are not getting rich anytime soon.

5. You do not have emergency funds

So what do you do when disaster knocks? You take debts which drag you behind.

6. You are waiting for rescue

You believe that one day you will win the lottery, get an inheritance or get a job with a fat cheque? What if that does not happen? Work on being rich now and don’t bank on things you have no control over.

7. You fear to fail

If you invest, it’s either you fail or succeed. It’s a game of chances and you must be willing to take the risk. You would rather try and fail, than not try and lose the chance to succeed.


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