5 crazy things politically divided couples have done to each other

Jubilee and NASA politics have brought a lot of conflict in a lot of households

For some couples political talk is completely amicable whether they both support a particular party or not; but for some couples, things tend to get a little messy.

Here are some crazy things politically divided couples have done to one another.

1.Hiding each other’s voter’s cards during the Election Day

As petty and somehow funny as this sounds, some spouses go to some strange extremes to ensure that their partner does not vote for the ‘wrong’ side.

2.Posting up campaign paraphernalia in their homes

Some couples have posted up rival campaign posters or stickers in their homes to try spite each other.

Posting up this paraphernalia for some couples is to make it clear to their spouses of what side they support.

3.Couples have separated because of political differences

There are people out there that have opted out of their marriages and relationships simply because their love for politics was seemingly stronger than that within their relationships.


In extreme cases some spouses have become violent towards their partners because of them supporting the rival political party.

This could lead to a lot of spouses, in most cases women, from revealing who they support during elections.

5.Trash talk about what political side they support

Trash talk is not only reserved for sports.

Politically divided couples engage in a lot of trash talk especially when they support separate political sides.

You will find them insulting each other on why they support certain political sides which can turn ugly pretty fast if taken too far.

What to do

Politics talk can get messy pretty quickly and can cause a lot of damage in one's relationship if not dealt with.

If you and your spouse are support rival political sides, relationship experts advise trying keeping political talk out of your home especially during the political season when things can get a bit too heated.


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