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6 signs of a manipulative lover

Love is not supposed to be restrictive..

Isolates you from your friends

There should never be a moment when your partner is allowed to disrespect your relationship with your friends.

They may not exactly like them but they do not have a right to ask you to choose or make you cut ties with them.


If they have done this to you or are doing this to you then you might want to re-consider that relationship.

They do not trust you

They demand to have your phone password or complete access to your social media accounts and everyone knows how this always turns out.

Relationships are all about honesty but what manipulative lovers do not understand is that privacy is still to be respected.


They criticize the little things that you do

They might say things like “Why do you waste your time going to those auditions if you never get a call back?”

Criticism is important in a healthy relationship but when the criticism makes you want to give up other than try a different approach to for example making your audition better, then that is not the person for you.

Making the “right decisions” for you

A manipulative partner will always make it seem like they are trying to protect you and support you by influencing major decisions in your life.


They will want to keep tabs on your finances and how you are spending every shilling you have or may isolate you from those closest to you if you for instance had a fight with a loved one.

That is not protection but more of controlling you which may end up making you become dependent on them other than other people in your life.

They should be encouraging you to do things on your own and mending whatever issues you may be having with your loved ones.

They ask you to keep a bad secret or lie for them


This might make you feel like you are their “ride or die” but in real sense it is only damaging your relationship.

It is first, a really awkward position for them to put you in and second they are not taking responsibility of their actions.

They make you put up with abusive in-laws

You are supposed to respect the in-laws at all costs but that does not mean that you should put up with being mistreated or demeaned in any form of way by them just because you are with their son/daughter.

And your partner should stand up for you when their family members disrespect you in any kind of way. They should never ask you to just brush it off because it will not end and the in-laws will get comfortable doing that to you.


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