8 public places to have sex in Nairobi

Spice up your sex life with a new bucket list.

Beyond it making a very saucy story to laugh about with ‘bae’ later on, you know, past the court fines for public display of  it will bring you closer as a couple to know that you share such intimate fun memories.

Try it out, here are great places you should definitely try in Nairobi.

1. The National Park

Ever visited the national park on a weekday? It’s super lonely, no need to marvel at nature’s prime without paying homage it is essence.  Take a stroll down the nature park and do it like they do it on discovery channel. Bet the monkeys will have something to chatter about.

2. Elevators

We are lucky to have such great sky scrapers at our disposal. Why hum at the elevator tune to 26 floor when you can get in a good ol’ quickie?

3. Arboretum

Well, this has certainly been done by a lot of people and while we shun the many that are caught on camera, trust that they enjoy the exhilarating rush of role playing Adam and Eve in the middle of a man made forest. Take it to the woods.

4. The memorial park

Under the sun, on top a soft comfy blanket with nothing other than the birds checking you out… it’s a dream. Well, until you get caught, either way, you’ll have something to laugh about later with your mate when you go down memory lane.

5.  Public parking spots

You’ve got 50 empty cars around yours and a sleeping security guard; what other reasons do you need?

6. Jeevanjee Gardens

Open to the public 24/7 and one known to the naughty, it’s the kind of place you pass through after work hours and be in tune with nature. Trust you’ll probably find a couple or two that’s way ahead of you.

7. Hospital

Don’t seem so shocked, sick people need a bit of loving too. Got a partner in a private wing? Make them feel at home.

8. The malls

Gotta love underground dark parking lots. You don’t even need to limit it to a quickie.


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