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10 secrets to win the heart of a Kenyan bachelor & secure a marriage proposal

And yes, avoid his phone with the same enthusiasm you'd avoid bumping into someone you're trying to avoid on the street. Plus, you might want to impress him with your chapati-making skills!


Navigating the dating scene, especially with Kenyan men, can be an intriguing experience. Stories often circulate about these men being charming partners, which naturally piques the curiosity of many.

However, recent reports from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) suggest that a growing number of Kenyan men, even after dating several ladies, are choosing to remain single until their later years.

So, what does it take to not only date but ultimately marry one of these enigmatic and independent men?

Here are 10 strategies that might help you unlock the hearts of Kenyan bachelors.


Visiting your Kenyan partner on the weekend is a simple yet effective way to build a connection. Weekends are often when people have more free time and are relaxed.

It provides an opportunity to spend quality time together, whether it's going out for a meal, watching a movie, or simply enjoying each other's company.

You could plan a relaxing weekend getaway to a scenic spot or a cozy picnic in a nearby park to create lasting memories and strengthen your connection.


An intelligent woman understands the importance of respecting her man's privacy by refraining from touching his phone. It's not just a matter of adhering to the right to privacy enshrined in the Bill of Rights, but also because whatever you seek, you're likely to find.

The love you share is too precious to jeopardise with the drama that often ensues after snooping through text messages or DMs. Sometimes, it's better to remain in the dark.

Demonstrate to your partner that you trust him, that you don't harbor insecurities, and that you respect his boundaries.


Allow him to have his conversations without prying eyes. When he realises you're not overly interested in his phone, he'll become more intrigued and hold you in high regard for being a trustworthy partner.

Leaving some of your personal belongings at his place can be a subtle way of showing your commitment and making him feel more connected to you.

Leaving behind an item like a favorite book, a sweater, or even a toothbrush signifies that you intend to be a part of his life.


It's a gesture that suggests you're comfortable in his space and see a future together.

Sharing the same toothbrush holder or using each other's toothbrush can be a surprisingly intimate gesture.


While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, for some couples, it symbolises a deep level of trust and comfort in the relationship.

Performing considerate acts like ironing your partner's shirt is a wonderful way to convey your gratitude. Kenyan men truly value partners who are ready to lend a hand and distribute responsibilities.

Getting your partner's attire ready for a significant day or crucial meeting, such as ironing their shirt, can enhance their morning routine, making it more hassle-free and pleasant.


The memory of this thoughtful gesture will linger when you're not present, fostering a desire for more of such kindness. It's no wonder they might start contemplating a future with you, perhaps even marriage.

Food holds a special place in Kenyan culture, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.


Traditionally, it's not common for men to take on the task of preparing intricate dishes like chapatis (often called chapos).

They might find the process quite lengthy and exhausting. That's precisely why taking the initiative to prepare such a meal can be a delightful way to captivate your Kenyan partner.

Moreover, cooking together or surprising him with a lovingly crafted home-cooked dish serves as a tangible display of your genuine interest in his culture and a clear indication of your commitment to nurturing the relationship.


Engaging in seemingly ordinary activities like grocery shopping can hold the key to winning your Kenyan man's affection.

Considering that he may not frequently visit the market for these essentials, a thoughtful gesture could be selecting fresh produce like fruits, tomatoes, and onions before you depart his place after a weekend together.

Although he might not explicitly express it, your effort in procuring these items will be deeply appreciated and might even serve as a relationship benchmark. And of course, don't forget an avocado!


Kenyan men are often passionate about sports and support their favorite teams with dedication.

If you share his enthusiasm for sports, attending games or watching matches together is a great way to bond.

Even if you're not a sports fan, showing support and interest in his team can be endearing.

For example, you can purchase a jersey with your partner's favorite team's colors and logo.


Just as you anticipate receiving surprise gifts, surprising your partner with considerate gestures can be an excellent method to maintain the romance in your relationship.

Whether it's showing up with a 'mzinga', organising a surprise date night, or giving small, unexpected gifts such as the usual; socks, boxers, and a belt, these gestures can make your partner feel special.

Be observant of his interests and preferences to choose meaningful presents.


Most importantly, the secret to capturing the heart of a Kenyan man lies in making him feel genuinely valued and cherished.

It's worth noting that men, like anyone else, yearn for validation. Therefore, it's essential not to underestimate the power of showing appreciation whenever the opportunity arises.

Shower him with compliments, offer words of encouragement, demonstrate your respect for his opinions, and express your willingness to stand by his side. At times, don't hesitate to contribute your insights.


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