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What does your man want in bed? Ladies, here are 5 ways to satisfy him

He may lack the vocabulary or feel judged for his wild fantasies, but your man will definitely appreciate these 5 things in the bedroom.

A couple in an embrace [Photo: Mart Production]

The male perspective on sex, while widely discussed, is still one that many women may find hard to understand. Influence from pop culture has also created a false impression that men's desires are at the extreme.

That said, sexual desires and preferences will always differ from one person to the next. And there will be some that many people agree on.

From scientific research as well as general observations made by field experts, most men have tended to report some elements that the majority find fulfilling in the bedroom.


While many women find it off-putting to hear the 'Did you finish?' question, most men endeavour to facilitate a climactic experience - because they feel good about it.

In a 2017 University of Michigan study, men reported feeling more masculine and it raised their sexual esteem to know that their partner orgasmed.

Equally for men and women, sexual attraction plays a significant part in how enjoyable the experience will be.


Assuming your man is with you because he is sexually attracted to you, it doesn't hurt to show him that you also want to be with him. Compliment his looks, his body, how he dresses and any other

Relationship dynamics vary and without deliberate effort to avoid it, you may assume that it's a man's place to initiate sex.

Turns out that men also find it exciting when their partner takes on the 'sexual labour' for a change. Beckon him to another room, send suggestive texts (or risqué photos) when he's away, and find more creative ways to let him know you're in the mood.

In addition, adding variety to the bedroom also helps your man feel satisfied. Surprising him with a few new moves will keep him intrigued.


Ladies, this one may not make any sense to you and you've probably condemned many good men as perverts because they shared their sexual fantasies with you.

But just like you, there are things your man wishes you'd do in bed. Encourage him to tell you about them, listen with an open mind and as much as you can, make them come true!

Yes! Men have emotions that need tending too and sex can be a great way to reassure your man that he is safe with you.


He also wants to connect with the parts of you that many people may never experience. Create a space where you can both understand each other's sexual persona.

Bonus tip, your body is a big part of what your man enjoys in being with you. Take your time to develop a self-care routine for your skin, hair, and mental well-being; maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle, and make regular appointments with your gynaecologist.


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