15 cute baby names inspired by Science

Respect to all Science lovers

Cute baby(enca)

Are you a lover of science? If yes, you need to show off the love for it. I mean, not just by saying but by doing things that speak it all.

For instance, your name may suggest nothing about science but that of your baby can. Imagine how cool it could be to give your baby a moniker inspired by science? It may actually drive them to be great scientists and make inventions that will live to be remembered thousands of years to come.

Check out these pretty names:

1. Newton – like Isaac Newton

2. Tesla

3. Nikola – Nikola Tesla was a renowned engineer and inventor

4. Nova – type of a star

5. Mars – the fourth planet

6. Castor – one of the brightest stars in the sky

7. Sirius - A very bright star in the sky

8. Alexander – Alexander Graham invented the telephone remember?

9. Fleming – Alexander Fleming was a botanist

10. Galileo – an Italian astronomer

11. Edison – Thomas Edison invented the light bulb

12. Leo – this could be from Galileo or Leornado Da Vinci. Both were scientists.

13. Aurora – such a cute name for a princess

14. Louis – like Louis Pasteur who is known for several inventions among them pasteurization.

15. Aristortle - A Greek philosopher and scientist


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