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4 reasons to break off your friends with benefits

Having a friends with benefits is fun but just like everything else in life, they too run their course.

He/she is hot and you have great chemistry so why not deal with what the both of you really want? No need for feelings or trying to define the relationship.

1.You’ve started catching feelings


If you’re questioning them for flirting with someone else then your FWB relationship is over and it may be good to walk away before you get hurt even more.

Unless the two of you feel like you can make it work, there’s no need to keep hooking up.

2.It’s hindering you from actually getting into a serious relationship

You may be hindering your chances of getting into a serious relationship because you’re so engrossed in your friends with benefits relationship.

You need to get out of that bubble in order to see what else is out there.


3.It’s not fun anymore

Everything runs its course and unfortunately or fortunately so will your friends with benefits. Since your relationship was mainly based on sexual satisfaction then that is all the two of you are used to and it may just get old or boring.

4.There’s no more friendship and more benefits

You may have been friends before but that is no longer the case. The two of you were great friends before but now since you’ve crossed that line, your friendship has dwindled. If you want to try and salvage your friendship then it may be best to end the fun part of your relationship and start focusing on re-building.


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