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6 things that are more important than s3x in a relationship

Really important


Not just because of the pleasure but also because it somehow brings the couple closer. All in all, there are other things that are important in a relationship than intercourse.

Here are some of them:

1. Trust


In as much as sex is crucial, you will want to be with someone you can trust completely. However ‘top’ someone’s skills in the bedroom are, they are meaningless without trust. Because if there is no trust, your partner may as well choose to expose your weaknesses in the bedroom.

2. Respect

A time will come when you both won’t be as interested in sex as you were when you were younger. And, at times you will fight and argue and intimacy will be the last thing in your mind. At such moments, it is respect that will still hold you together.

3. Love

Sounds like no brainer but love is very important in every relationship. You might love making love to someone but if you really don’t love them, it won’t last.


4. Communication

A good relationship is based on good communication from both parties. You should be able to communicate your needs to your partner freely and they should do the same. And, communication plays an important role in determining the kind of sex you have.

5. Loyalty

Unless you are just in the relationship for the sake of sex, then loyalty may not be important. But if you have long term goals in a relationship, then loyalty is important than sex. You want a partner who will have your back at all times.


6. Having a great time together

It’s important when both of you can have a great moment outside the bedroom. You can laugh together, cuddle, hug and do fun things together- and that is more important than a short-lived period of sexual pleasure.


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