6 types of guys we always regret dating

The bad boy


Have you ever looked back at some of the people you dated and wondered what drug you were high on? I choose to call it a lesson learned rather than focus on regretting that chapter. If you’re a youngin currently crying over some fuck boy, fret not. We have all been there and with time, you will come to your senses. You’re not alone, a majority of us have had the unfortunate pleasure of dating frat boys. Speaking of which, here are the types of guys you always regret dating:

1. The player/bad boy.

We have all been through these heartless souls. You know deep down that he’s wrong for you, but, he’s way too irresistible. You can’t help it. His charm attracts you to him like a magnet but in the end, he leaves you heartbroken. A relationship is not what he’s after. You realize that you’re just wasting your time and go through your first heartbreak, but with time, you heal and vow to yourself that you will never date another fuck boy.

2. The old flame.

One of the biggest mistakes you will ever make is going back to an ex. Sure, it works in rare cases, after all, they say if you let him go and he comes back, it was meant to be. But don’t be fooled, some exes come back to see if you’re still stupid and ruin your life. An ex is just that, EXPIRED.

3. The foreigner.

That Nigerian guy or the guy in the country for a short time working with the UN? Oh darling, don’t lie to yourself that the long-distance relationship will work once they return to their home country. While some foreigners genuinely fall in love, most of them just want that “African experience” so that they can go back to their countries and brag about having conquered a black girl. You sure will regret dating one of them Gringos…

4. The DJ.

And not just the DJ, but literally any artiste. Dating a DJ is an extreme sport. You simply cannot trust them, a majority of them fuck around left right and center the last thing you want to worry about is STIs and pubic lice. Yikes.

5. The rebound.

You will date him to get over the ex, you will catch feelings and the breakup will be brutal.

6. The tick.

He has no money of his own. You wear the pants in the relationship. You feed him, clothe him and basically provide him with everything he needs. But this unappreciative dude will still go ahead and cheat on you. You will learn the hard way that you deserve much better.


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