Things parents must consider before giving their child a difficult name

What you name your child really matters

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Giving your child a unique name can be good and bad.

Nowadays, thanks to celebrities, parents have taken on the trend of giving a child an out of this world or bizarre name as opposed to the usual, plain and somewhat cliche English names like James, Joseph and Jane. But as much as you want a super unique name, your child will have to deal with bearing a difficult name all their life because a name is one's identity. Don't get me wrong, unique names are great, beautiful even...but before you go for an unconventional baby name, do keep these things in mind.

1. Your child will have to spell out their name all the time probably cause people will not understand it.

2. Pronunciation.

A majority of people may not pronounce it correctly and she/he will have to deal with having to liken it to something and honestly, it can be really tiring. I once had a classmate in campus whose name was Adolf. So every time we had to introduce ourselves to the lecturers as first years, no one would really understand his name and he had to explain himself, "Adolf...Adolf like Adolf Hitler". And yeah we all wondered why in the world anyone would name their kid after one of the world's most hated dictators. But Adolf was a good kid and a smart one too. Shout out Adolf if you ever read this. So yeah my point is, do you really want to have your kid having to explain himself/herself literally every single time?

3. The name may be shortened by people since they have no choice.

Urgh those villagers back home. Liberata, beautiful name right? But daughters and sons of Gikuyu and Mumbi will not pronounce it right so they will result to calling you 'RIFERA'. Sure, some nicknames are cute and adorable but, not always and let's not forget the fact that kids can be such little bullies so your child may even end up being bullied cause of the name.

4. If you're gong to give them a difficult name, ensure you give them a second easier name.

Then, he/she will have options. In the event people cannot pronounce the first name right, your child can go like "Oh you can just call me Tom instead, that's my second name."

5. A unique name may not match your kid's personality.

You definitely want your child to grow up owning and loving that name but sometimes, the name may not match the personality. Think of a completely introverted kid with a name such as Donatella. I mean, you'd expect a happy go lucky kid with such a name no? Or maybe it's just me. I feel like sometimes some names do not suit some personalities.

6. People will always want to know if there's a backstory to the name.

"Oh wow that's a really unique name does it mean something? Why did your parents call you that?"

7. It will be misspelled nearly every single time.

On government documents, hospitals, it. Jyotsna is a beautiful name, in fact, it means radiant like flames. But, how many people can write that right?

So, mums and dads, that's some food for thought.


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