Key ways we are making dating harder than it should be

Time to stop doing these things

Couple fighting

Nowadays, getting into a relationship is like climbing the Everest. Why have we complicated this process of falling in love that should in fact, be seamless? These days, you could get into a relationship and you have no idea that you're dating yourself. You think you're boo'd up only to find out through Instagram or Twitter that you're only being taken for grated, for instance. I think a majority of people are super immature about this whole dating thing and it's time we acted like adults. Here's how we are making dating harder.

1. Playing hard to get.

Look, no one, absolutely no one has the time to chase you around. Believe it or not, people have options. If you want to be wanted, stop making it hard for those who want you. What are you? 12 years old?

2. Acting like we are not interested when we are.

My kind of a relationship is the one where we get straight to the point. You want to pipe? Want to be friends? Want a relationship? Can we just make our intentions clear from the start to avoid tricky situations later?

3. Being afraid of commitment.

The average millennial would rather walk through the actual valley of the shadow of death than be in a committed relationship. Hookup culture has taken over and all people want is to have sex and move on to the next. It's like love is overrated or something that's so early 2000s. We act like it's lame to be in love maybe to appear cool but love is actually a beautiful thing.

4. Making the other partner jealous for no reason.

You want attention from your boo but instead of saying that, you go to Instagram and post a photo with another man or act like you're interested in another person to make your bae jealous. Is it really that hard to just express your mind and be honest about how you feel and what you want from your partner and in the relationship? Not to mention, silent treatment. Two grown adults cannot talk about the problem and would rather wait to see who will initiate the "talk".

5. Being on our phones too much.

It's almost as if we are more in love with our phones than with our partners.

6. Expecting the man to pay for everything.

Ladies, that "nibuyie" mentality needs to end. A man needs not buy you everything. What happened to independence? There's so much satisfaction in knowing that you can bankroll yourself comfortably.

7. Setting unreasonable standards.

It's okay to set standards and not settle for less than you deserve, but do ensure that those standards are reasonable. Expecting to date a David Beckham when you're an average Jane yourself for instance, is not reasonable at all.


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