Sometimes we feel like we are liable to our friends and family for every move we make.

While there are things we might need to justify for the sake of our relationships with others, there are other things that you should never explain to anyone. If you want to, you can. But you should not feel like it’s an obligation.

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Here are some common things you don’t owe anyone an explanation:

1. Your sexuality

Your sexual orientation is your own darn business. It’s your personal decision to love whomever you feel like and you don’t have to justify your feelings to the world.

2. Relationships

Relationships are tricky and people can be so judgmental about the friends you choose or your romantic relationships. Wonna date and marry an older woman? Go for it.

3. You don’t owe anyone a child

Society makes it seem like having a baby is a thing everyone must do. But people have different desires. If babies are not your thing, you don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you are yet to get one.

4. Apologizing when you are not sorry

Don’t even think of saying sorry when you are not at fault even if everyone is faulting you.

5. Being you

Being you is the best reward you can give yourself. And however weird people might think you are, that is who you are and they should learn to accept it.

6. Your priorities

Whatever your priorities are, it’s your business and it does not matter whether your friends feel they are upside down.

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7. Saying yes

Saying ‘no’ to people we love is not easy. All the same, you are not obligated to saying ‘yes’ if you don’t want it.

8. Your physical appearance

Short, tall, slender or fat, no one is perfect. If they feel that you are not good enough, let them deal with it but don’t explain.