An easy guide to making friends as an introvert

It’s not as hard

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Making friends as an introvert is such a daunting task. You want it yet the mere thought of it scares you. That’s all because making friends is not a natural thing for introverts and you should be okay with it.

All in all, no man is an island and we all need friends. So, in as much as you may want to live all by yourself, it’s not possible. We hope this introvert guide to making friends will be helpful:

1. Tolerate small talk

Introverts detest small talk but sadly, a conversation must start somewhere. More often than not, most conversations begin with small talk.

2. Make a list of places you can find friends

There are people with similar interests as you and you should start by listing places where you can find them.

3. Go to places where you can find friends

You will not make friends if you do not make an effort to. Visit the listed places and go find people who share the same interests as you.

4. It’s okay to make the first move

Most introverts are not into initiating conversations and this is usually mistaken as lack of interest. Understand that it’s okay to start a conversation and start it if you can.

5. Don’t overthink about it

Introverts are curious in nature and they will question the smallest details before making a move. When going to social places, go with an open mind and don’t overthink about what will happen.

6. Be patient

For most people, it takes time to make friends. This is because most introverts would rather have small circles of close friends than a crowd of friends with whom they only talk casually. If you don’t click with a person immediately, don’t force it or give up. Give yourself time.

7. Don’t try to be extroverted

Remember you are not trying to change your personality. If you do not like talking about your personal life, you do not have to do it just because others are doing it. Just stick to your personality.

8. Give yourself time to recharge

At the end of the day, you are an introvert remember? You still will need time to be alone. This will help you focus better on your goal of making friends.


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