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9 things women do in relationships that men really hate

To the annoying girlfriends out there.

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Women can be really annoying when it comes to relationships. Especially if you’re dating someone that’s still juvenile in all things maturity. Look, relationships do not have to be complicated, we are the ones who make them complicated, well, at least most of the times. Take for instance, when you tell your boyfriend that you’re “fine” when clearly, something is bothering you. Why not communicate, speak what’s on your mind and find the solution instead of bottling up shit? That and many more are some of the things that women do in relationships that men absolutely hate. Let’s comb through others:

1. Being one of those ‘Nibuyie gang’ chics.

“Nibuyie lunch” Nibuyie credit” “Nitumie Mpesa”. Nah sis, that’s one of the things that makes a man lose interest in you very fast as they see that you’re a needy woman that cannot do anything for herself. Plus, no man wants to feel like you’re with him for his money. Independence is sexy…you don’t have to have all your ducks in a row just yet, but at least, be able to afford some things for yourself, like hair, nails, airtime etc. It’s not your man’s duty to send you money all the time. A man is not a financial plan.


2. Speaking of nibuyie,

Dear girls, men really hate it when they invite you for a date and you bring along the rest of your crew, since he’s paying. He invited you for that date because he wants to treat you and wants to get to know you better, not get to know you and Njeri plus Stacy.

3. Jealousy, insecurity and clinginess.

Remember what I said about being needy? Neediness is not only financial neediness. When you’re in a relationship, you need to also have your own life. Your life should not always revolve around a man. Have something that keeps you busy, like school or a job or hobby so that you’re not always calling or texting him, asking him what he’s up to and when you’re seeing him again. That’s annoying!


4. Bringing nothing to the table but sex.

Nowadays, you can get sex so easily. So, no, your pus*y will not keep a man. What more do you bring to the table? Do you nurture this man? Do you add any value whatsoever in his life? Do you make his life easier and happier? If he removes you from the equation, does his life still balance?

5. Drama and negativity.

There are some people who are always followed by drama wherever they go. If you’re one of those girls that constantly speak ill of their friends, gossip, start drama and generally just have negative vibes around them, then you’re going to come off as a toxic person and to be quite honest, it’s a turn off for many guys.

6. Not being direct about things.


You know one example? Saying you’re not hungry then when the guy asks for food, you end up eating half of it. Can you make up your mind? If you’re also not fine, why say that you’re “fine” when asked? Speak about what’s bothering you. Communication is key for a successful relationship.

7. Silent treatment and withholding sex when angry.

What are we? 12? Again, speak about what it is that you want and need. Be clear, it’s not rocket science ay?

8. Not getting along with his family members.


Essentially, being able to get along with his family makes everything easier and seamless. Imagine if you don’t get along and have to be at family gatherings? Awkward much? Sometimes, it does take a while for people to warm up to someone but if you’re trying, you’re yourself and you are making an effort, they will slowly start to like you.

9. Constantly using your ex as an example.

It’s belittling and will only make your man think you don’t see as though he’s good enough for you. If you need him to do something in a certain way, politely tell him that, without having to reference your ex all the time.

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