Uncommon baby names that mean ‘favour’

Which name will you give your baby?

Mom and baby (San Mateo County Health)

With so many cute baby names available on the internet today, it can be difficult to narrow down and settle on one name for your baby. The good thing is that you can filter the long list you have by considering the meaning of the names. Actually, the meaning of the name matters most when it comes to selecting a baby’s name.

You may also want to consider the uniqueness of the name so that you don’t give your baby one of those very common baby names.

We have tried to make the selection process simpler for you by listing names that are not so common in Kenya which mean ‘favour’ or ‘favoured by God’. Have a look at them and make your choice already:

Girls names

Rashona – God’s favourite

Daviana – everyone’s favourite

Janey – Jehovah has shown favour

Takisha – favourite child

Anelie – God has favoured me

Jensen – Jehovah has shown favour

Hannah – favour

Annah - favour

Jaina – God has shown favour

Janelle – God has favoured

Boys names

Eldad – favoured of God

Jenton – Jehovah has favoured

Jamian – right hand of favour

Giovanni – God has shown favour

Evan – God has favoured


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