Common baby names we don't want to hear in 2020

Let's be more creative

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Congratulations to all those that will be moms in 2020. W bet you already know that choosing your baby's name is something that needs some research. Our parents probably never gave it much thought but things are now different and we know better.

You will want to give your baby a name that has a good meaning and also one that is not too common. If you are one of those who are looking for a unique baby name, do a background research first. You could do an online search to find out some cute and unique baby names and you will find lots of them. You can check some here.

In regards to that, as we come to the end of 2019, we have come up with a list of some of the most common baby names we heard this year, in Kenya. Well, if you still love these names or have a reason to give it to your baby, it's all on you. Even so, maybe it's time we became more creative and stop going by the wind. Sometimes simple is classy and you don't have to follow the masses.

Common baby boy names 2019

1. Jayden/Jaden - This has to top the list because we all know of a Mama Jayden in our neighbourhood.

2. Liam - based on a online search from a facebook group,(Pregnant and nursing mums support group)this was the second most common name.

3. Ryan/Rayan

4. Aiden

5. Kyle

6. Dylan

7. Ethan

8. Prince

9. Trevor

10. Jabali

11. Travis

12. Hayden

Common baby girl names 2019

1. Tamara

2. Precious

3. Blessing

4. Angel

5. Natasha

6. Shantelle

7. Kyla

8. Shaniz

9. Mitchelle

10. Shirleen


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