Every relationship has its ups and downs. While some issues can easily be solved, others are beyond repair and it is unfortunate that people still choose to stick to bad relationships.

But why would one stay in an unhealthy relationship? People will give all sort of strange reasons to stick to a bad relationship such as:

1. Children

This is one major reason why most people are still stuck in an abusive and unhealthy marriage. 'But I cannot raise the children alone' they say.

Couples choose to stick together even when there is no love in the relationship for the sake of their children. But isn’t life too short to stay in an unhappy relationship? Both of you can instead agree to part ways then co-parent since your bad relationship might end up affecting the children after all.

2. Fear

You fear that you might never get another partner if you part with your current lover. People also fear what the society will think of them if they choose to quit a relationship. Questions such as, 'what will my family and friends think' disturb them so much that they choose to just stick around their partners.

3. Better the devil you know

Your partner is a jerk and you know that so well. However, meeting a new person, knowing them and dating is not always as easy. Some people will prefer to stay in a bad relationship because they feel that it is better to be with them regardless of all their differences than get a new partner who may be worse.

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The feeling of 'I have invested so much time in this relationship to let it go' can be tormenting. Since people do not want to feel like they have been investing their time in a wrong relationship, they choose to stay.


Some people are certain that they are not happy and they need to quit. But then, the guilt of hurting their partners hold them back. What they do not understand is that they are already hurting their partners by not being emotionally there for them. So, whether they decide to stay or quit makes no much difference.