People with great sex lives are more likely to cheat – study

Oh really?

Apparently people that have a great sex life have a higher chance of cheating as compared to those that don’t.

This is according to a new study by the Florida State University.

The researchers suggest that people are more inclined to stepping out of their relationships simply for the thrill of wanting to experience better sex. This is despite already having a good sex life with their partners.

The better the sex, the more they want it.

How the study was conducted

233 newly-weds were studied over a period of three and a half years and a conclusion reached based off of a range of infidelity factors.

The study also found that younger people and ‘less attractive’ women were also more likely to cheat while for men, the ‘more attractive’ men were more likely to cheat.

Participants were shown photos of attractive people and were recorded on how long they looked at them for.

A person who looked at an attractive person for a few hundred milliseconds longer was 50 percent more likely to cheat than someone who voluntarily stopped looking at the photo.

The researchers however said that by “practicing techniques of ‘attentional disengagement’ (avoiding thinking about how attractive someone is) and ‘evaluative devaluation (downplaying their attractiveness) can prevent you from acting on your desires".


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