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Strange and funny advice dished out during bridal showers

These are some pretty interesting words of wisdom being passed around.

Now while it used to be aunties, mothers or anyone close to the bride with years of marriage experience giving out the advice – for some it still is – things seemed to have taken an interesting turn these days.

Strippers are dishing out hygiene tricks and ‘Aunties’ from the Coastal region are a major highlight in bridal showers these days; and you know there are going to be some pretty interesting words of wisdom being passed around.

1.Carry a thermos with warm water to bed


So apparently, the warm water in that thermos is not for you to drink so that you can warm up your body. It is actually for your husband – and he’s not supposed drink it either.

After your husband climaxes, apparently you’re supposed to wipe him down using the warm water and a towel. It not only helps him relax but it also helps avoid the awkward cuddling.

2.Toothpaste to clean your vagina

A woman’s down under hygiene will always be a topic of discussion with new ways to make it smell fresher and better coming up every day.

One that comes as a shock though is using toothpaste to clean your vagina. This is definitely taking fresh breathe to a whole different level.


Friendly reminder, nothing is supposed to be used to wash down there because it messes up the Ph balance and puts you at risk of infections. Water will do just fine but no douching.

3.Wanting to know how the bride will seduce her husband so that they group of girls see if she’s doing it right

Not only is this awkward AF if the groom’s family members are within the group but how exactly would you know if I’m doing the right thing for my man?

4.Inserting ice cubes in your vagina to wash off the dirt

I am no doctor but I don’t think this will really help wash off any dirt in your vagina.


You can use the ice cubes for other sexy time activities though – wink.


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