Clear signs your relationship needs serious couple therapy

Look for a counselor

Couple fighting(ebony)

When you cannot seem to solve your problems, it’s best to seek help. And the best place to seek help is not from friends who do not understand what you are going through but from a therapist who knows their job. Because even though fights are normal in relationships, sometimes things get really bad and it can cause damage to your relationship.

Maybe you have never considered seeing a counselor for the sake of your relationship. These signs are a clear indicator that it’s time you seek couple therapy to salvage your relationship:

1. You fight all the time

You are right, fights are normal. But you know what’s not? Fighting all the time over anything and everything. Regular fights are an indicator of an underlying problem that is not being dealt with. Seeking help from a relationship therapist can help you solve the problem.

2. There’s little to no communication

Have you gotten to that point where you hardly communicate with your partner? Maybe it’s time you seek help. Communication is the only way you can know what’s troubling your relationships. When you don’t communicate your feelings to your partner and they also do not care to communicate, your relationship is slowly crawling to its deathbed.

3. You have tried everything but nothing has worked

So you have tried solving issues with your partner, you have sought help from your parents but it still doesn’t seem to work? Your relationship needs serious counseling.

4. You blame each other

A relationship cannot work when none of you want to take responsibility for their mistakes. And you can never solve a problem if all you do is point fingers at each other.

5. You are no longer intimate with each other

If your relationship has reached a point where one of you can comfortably take the couch while the other takes the bed, there’s something really wrong and needs to be addressed.


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