Crazy sexual fetishes you never knew existed

People are aroused by weird things

Lady in pool (eBaum's World)

Let’s talk fetishes. Most likely, you have had of foot fetishes and BDSM. We don’t know what turns you on but you’d be surprised by the sort of things that people are sexually attracted to. You might think that some of them are disgusting yet they turn on other people. That’s just how it is anyway.

There are so many types of fetishes but in this article, we are going to list the not so common ones. The kind could you never imagine of.


Oh no! This is the worst. How would someone be sexually aroused by fecal matter? Yuck!


Another disgusting one here. This is the attraction to vomit. It could be your own vomit or someone else’s.


Ever seen those guys who pee by the roadside and care not to hide their dicks? It’s possible that they have this fetish which makes them desire to expose their genitals to non-consenting people especially strangers.


Dacryphiles are aroused by tears and crying. It turns them on to see someone cry. There are those who just want to see the tears and there are also those who want to be the cause of the tears.


This is the desire to engage in sexual activities with a dead body.


Sexual attraction to amputees.


They desire to have insects crawl on their genitals. The insects could also be stinging and biting. Creepy, ain’t it?


This is when someone gets aroused by bee stings.


These are men who are aroused by women who are menstruating. They would rather have sex with a woman who is on her period than one who is not.


Sexual attraction to fire.


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