5 key things to think about before getting into a relationship

Before jumping into a relationship, pay some close attention to these really important things about yourself.

We want something and we want it now. We want to be famous now; we want to have a six figure salary now, we want to be relationship goals so that we can flaunt on Instagram now – the list is endless.

There’s no giving a second thought as to how much more gratifying the process can actually be and thus most of the time ending up with endless tales of ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’ or I wish I hadn’t rushed into this and that’.

One particular thing that not only millennials but a good majority of people seem to rush into is relationships and for one reason or the other, maybe it could be the whole love is blind thing, never want to think about these really important things before getting into a relationship with someone.


Yes, it may get lonely sometimes when you are single but that doesn’t mean you should jump into a relationship with the next person that shows you the attention that you have been wanting all along – and also not saying that them showing you that attention is a bad thing either.

It is important however to think about yourself and what you really want and what you can give that person, otherwise you’ll just end up in a really big mess.

It won’t be fair to not only you but the person you want to get into a relationship with.


As hard as it may be sometimes to see your friends, family or even your ex getting moving on with their romantic lives, there is nothing wrong with waiting just a little longer for yours to come along. Timing is everything.

Your past

Hanging on to your past and not making peace with it can really stagnate your future. Leave the past in the past and focus on the great things that are ahead of you because honestly sometimes ain’t nobody got time.

Your individuality

Individuality is very important in any relationship. Learn to do certain things on your own so that you don’t come into a relationship just wanting to be done for everything.

Your individuality also helps you and your potential partner to appreciate one another better. You can’t always be in sync.

Evaluate yourself before committing

Yes, your past should be in the past but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from your past relationships.

What did you do in your last relationship that you really don’t want to do right now.


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